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Spork Kitchens uses The Food Corridor for online scheduling and payment processing. 

Spork Kitchens has 4 full work spaces and a half space all named after a mother sauce (Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnole, Tomat, and Hollandaise).  Renting a work space gives you access to all common equipment including the use of a speed rack, towels, and cleaning chemicals.  We also rent storage space in our dry storage, cold storage, and freezer storage on a monthly basis.
Below is the layout of the kitchen and also detailed information on the equipment available.  

Common Equipment

  • 10 burner gas range with 2 standard ovens

  • 6 burner gas range and 24" griddle with 2 standard ovens

  • 36" gas chargrill

  • 1 burner gas stock pot range w/ kettle filler

  • 1 double stack gas convection oven

  • 2 compartment prep sink

  • 1 compartment prep sink

  • 3 compartment dish wash sink

  • hand wash sinks (2)

  • Ice machine

  • Stainless steel prep tables

  • Overhead power

  • Heavy duty can opener

  • Utility cart

  • Bus tubs

  • White poly cutting board


Suite 107 - Common Equipment

Gas Range w/ 2 Standard Ovens

60" Cooking Performance Group gas 10 burner range with 2 Standard Ovens - 360,000 BTU


Suite 107 - Common Equipment

36" Gas Chargrill

Cooking Performance Group gas countertop radiant charbroiler - 120,000 BTU


Suite 106 - Monthly Rental

6' x 8' Walk-In Freezer

Nor-Lake Kold Locker 6' x 8' x 6' 7" Indoor Walk-In Freezer.  Storage space can be rented in this unit for an additional cost on a monthly basis.


Suite 106 - Monthly Rental

8' x 10' Walk-In Refrigerator

Nor-Lake Kold Locker 8' x 10' x 7' 7" Indoor Walk-In Cooler.  Storage space can be rented in this unit for an additional cost on a monthly basis.


Suite 106 - Common Equipment

Pot & Kettle Filler

Wall mounted pot and kettle filler with 68" hose and squeeze valve.  This is mounted over the stock pot range.


Suite 107 - Common Equipment

Heavy Duty Can Opener

Heavy duty #10 manual can opener with plated steel base


Suite 107 - Common Equipment

Gas Range w/ 24" Griddle & 2 Standard Ovens

60" Cooking Performance Group 6 burner gas range with 24" griddle and 2 Standard Ovens - 280,000 BTU


Suite 107 - Common Equipment

2 Basin Prep Sink with 24" Drain Boards

72" stainless steel two compartment sink with 2 drainboards - 17" x 17" x 12" Bowls


Suite 106 - Common Equipment

Gas Stock Pot Range

Cooking Performance Group gas stock pot range - 80,000 BTU.  Includes a pot filler mounted above the range.


Suite 106 & 107 - Common Equipment

2 Wall Mounted Hand Wash Sinks

12" x 16" wall mounted stainless steel hand sink with gooseneck faucet and side splash.


Suite 106 - Common Equipment

Double Stack Gas Convection Oven

Montague Vectaire Convection Oven, gas, double-deck, bakery depth, thermostatic controls, single speed fan, vertical opening doors, 6" adjustable legs, 115,000 BTU per deck. 72" H x 38.25" W x 39.5" D.


For Load-in & Load-out Use

Utility Cart

Utility Cart - black two tub shelf- 18" x 35 1/4" x 34 1/4"


Suite 107 - Common Equipment

3 Basin Dish Wash Sink with 24" Drain Boards

121" stainless steel three compartment sink with 2 drainboards - 23" x 23" x 12" Bowls


Suite 107 - Common Equipment

Ice Machine

Hoshizaki 24" Air Cooled Modular Crescent Cube Ice Machine with 80 lb bin and 230 lb. production capacity per day.


Suite 106 - Common Equipment

One Compartment Stainless Steel Prep Sink

One compartment stainless steel sink with 1 drainboard - 18" x 18" x 14" Bowl.


Included in Rental

6' x 5' Stainless Steel Prep Tables

30" x 72" stainless steel work table with galvanized legs and undershelf.  Each work space includes two of these tables.


Included in Rentals

Speed Racks

20 pan end load speed rack with casters.  Each work space includes a speed rack with sheet pans.  You can also rent one for either dry or cold storage.  Speed racks do not fit into the freezer.


Common Equipment

Bus Tub

20" x 15" x 7" black polypropylene bus tub, bus box

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