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Spork Kitchens is currently offering rate subscription plans that include discounted hourly and storage rates.  Plans are billed and due on the first of each month and hours can be used throughout the month.  Additional hours are charged at the plans hourly rate at the end of the month.

Spork Kitchens also offers daily rentals for professional food organizations who have insurance and a food handlers certificate.  Please call for pricing and availability.

Contact us to work out special pricing for plans of 70 hours per month or more.  We will be happy to gather information about your kitchen and storage needs and write a proposal for your business.

Our rates changed effective September 1, 2022 for new members.  Existing member plans will not change until January 1, 2023.

Spork Kitchens Rate Plans 

The rates below are effective September 1, 2022 for all new Spork Kitchens members.

Below is our standard rate card for kitchen and storage rentals.  When subscribing to a plan we discount the kitchen rental rate and storage unit rates based on your plan.  If you choose not to participate in a subscription plan our base rates will be charged.

**Subscription discounts not available for indicated storage.
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