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Getting Setup With Spork Kitchens

In order to have Spork Kitchens as your commissary on your permit (County, State, or FDA) we require a minimum of 6 hours per month. If you don't want to be on a subscription plan the hourly rate is $35 per hour (6x$35=$210). We offer a 6 hour plan for $200 per month that includes a small amount of storage (20wX24dX20h). We also have plans that have 10, 20, 30, & 40+ hours that include a larger amount of storage (20wX24dX72h). A full listing of our rates can be found here.

Our rental agreements allow you to change your monthly subscription plan up to 5 days before the end of the month. We also have a 45 day notice to quit your subscription and membership for any reason. We don't charge a deposit but we do have a $100 annual membership fee.

Here is a link to our member checklist that includes information on what is required to become a member. To summarize...

  1. Food Handlers certificate (Managers) from an accredited organization - Napa County Approved Certifiers

  2. General business liability policy (see FLIP) - See the checklist for policy and additional insured information

  3. Create a free food business account on The Food Corridor

  4. Pay $100 application / membership fee

  5. Sign the kitchen policies and procedures and rental agreement

  6. Obtain your permit from the appropriate agency.

If you want to be permitted by Napa County you should contact the Napa County Environmental Health Division regarding a catering license. Our inspector is as follows:

Delfin R. Dominguez

Registered Environmental Health Specialist

Planning, Building & Environmental Services

Division of Environmental Health

County of Napa

1195 Third Street, Suite 210

Napa, CA 94559

Phone: Main: (707) 253-4471

Direct: (707) 259-8162

Fax: (707)253-4545


See this link for a rental application that you can fill out and send to me.

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